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Sept 29, 2018 8 AM ** New time of year

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Svitak Freedom Ride

We are in a different time of year for 2018 and this is the 17th annual year for the Svitak Freedom Ride presented by CrossBreed Holsters, supported by Freeman Rehab and Sports Clinic. The ride was started in 2002 after Nightstalker, Phil J Svitak was killed in battle. His friend and fellow cyclist, Amy Thomas started the ride in honor of him. Every year Phil's parents start the 300+ cyclists who come to ride. A portion of the funds from this event go to buy bikes for children of military families at Fort Leonard Wood at Christmas time. We purchased 70 bikes in 2017

September 29, 2018 

8 AM, MSSU Football Stadium

Route Choices 10 miles, 25 miles, 40 miles, 67 miles, 80 miles, & 100 miles

SAG service will be provided

Rest Stops with water, sports drink, and food options every 10-15 miles.

Event Pricing:

10 Mile Ride

per person


through Ride Day

25 Mile Ride

per person


through 9/13/18


9/14/18-Ride Day

40, 67, 80, 100 Mile Ride

per person


through 7/31/18


through 9/13/18


9/14/18-Ride Day
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This ride funds bikes for children of military families at Christmas time.

"This was the first time I rode your event ride...Over the years I have participated in many rides...both charity and non-charity....I was blown away when I got to the finish and checked in and was given a finisher medal...I only have them from half-marathons...what a pleasant surprise!!!!" -Svitak Freedom Ride Participant

"It's the best course, most well-run and organized, and most fun triathlon in the area" Summer Roundup Triathlon Racer

"You are the best!!! extra-ordinary is all I can say....I will spread the word in NorthWest Arkansas that this is a MUST ride. I am so glad I signed up1! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!-Svitak Freedom Ride Participant

"Everything is FANTASTIC! The course is great. Slip n' slide at the end is rad. Yummy food afterwards is awesome. Can't get better than this!" Summer Roundup Triathlon Racer

"Shout out to Ruth Sawkins and her Awesome Rufus Racing Team! Ruth taught me how to run AND ride a bike AND Seriously believe in myself!"-Cindy P. Kansas

"Nice finisher's medal, great people at the Undercliff water stop!! Just a fun time with a lot of friends and very well put together!! Very organized!"- Svitak Freedom Ride Participant

"Last year was fun......but, this new shake up is way better! It much more challenging! Great job!"- Charles B. Let's Get Awesome! participant