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Rufus Racing Team

Based in Joplin, MO the team participates in triathlon, running, cycling, mountain biking, and other endurance events. We strive to support beginner to advanced athletes and welcome athletes all of sizes, shapes, and abilities! Join us!

The 2019 Team Benefits

  • Soft-style shirt and car decal
  • Small group coaching opportunities
  • Weekly trainer rides- Jan-March
  • Thursday night rides April- end of Sept
  • Group support at races including team chant!
  • RR leg stamp at team races
  • Team uniforms available for purchase
  • Social activities- pre-race dinners, post-race lunches, Christmas party, Beginning/End of Season party, lots of other eating events
  • Meet great people and make new friends
  • Weekly group workouts (schedule depends on time of year)
  • Let's Get Awesome! 6 week training group for Summer Roundup Triathlon
  • Rufus' Rowdy Winter Rivalry: Mileage Competition: January 1- March 31 the Rufus Racing Team is divided up into teams and competes for points and bragging rights!
  • Club Championship (September)

Being on a team sounds like something for the “Elite” athlete. Is the team for me?

Team is just a fancy name for a club. If you are a human, like people, and enjoy or want to learn an endurance sport then the team is for you!

The team is comprised of a lot of different members: male and female, ex-couch potatoes, ex-athletes, moms, dads, college students, retired members, those who are trying to lose weight, those trying to gain weight, some who race and some not interested in racing. The team is friendly, supportive, and inclusive to everyone so you should check us out!

More questions? contact us directly.

Annual Membership Pricing:

Annual Membership

From Afar Membership

Not local to the Joplin, Missouri area?

We also have a "from afar" team membership for anyone not in the Joplin area or not planning to attend training groups but want to be a part of the club.

Team Leaders

Ruth Sawkins- Never met a stranger, Mom of 3, should have less hobbies, gets way too excited about everything, and lover of all dairy food products. Started racing triathlon in High School in 2000 and is ready to talk you into your next race b/c it's SO MUCH FUN!

Jordan White- Chant leader, puts butter in his coffee, became a Triathlete at Summer Roundup in 2011, Excel Wizard and Master of RRWR, Co-Owner of Energy Lab Apparel and don't challenge him to a running race b/c he'll take you down! Chinatown. Always ready to pump you up for training and racing! 

"This was the first time I rode your event ride...Over the years I have participated in many rides...both charity and non-charity....I was blown away when I got to the finish and checked in and was given a finisher medal...I only have them from half-marathons...what a pleasant surprise!!!!" -Svitak Freedom Ride Participant

"It's the best course, most well-run and organized, and most fun triathlon in the area" Summer Roundup Triathlon Racer

"You are the best!!! extra-ordinary is all I can say....I will spread the word in NorthWest Arkansas that this is a MUST ride. I am so glad I signed up1! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!-Svitak Freedom Ride Participant

"Everything is FANTASTIC! The course is great. Slip n' slide at the end is rad. Yummy food afterwards is awesome. Can't get better than this!" Summer Roundup Triathlon Racer

"Shout out to Ruth Sawkins and her Awesome Rufus Racing Team! Ruth taught me how to run AND ride a bike AND Seriously believe in myself!"-Cindy P. Kansas

"Nice finisher's medal, great people at the Undercliff water stop!! Just a fun time with a lot of friends and very well put together!! Very organized!"- Svitak Freedom Ride Participant

"Last year was fun......but, this new shake up is way better! It much more challenging! Great job!"- Charles B. Let's Get Awesome! participant